Your Guide to the Perfect Engagement Ring

So you’re finally taking the next big step in your relationship. You are proposing to your best friend. Congratulations! I bet right about now you’re feeling a little lost and wondering just what kind of ring will fit that special someone’s personality best. Your future fiance is a lot of things and there are so many personalities types to consider.

IF: Your favorite gal is feisty, flirty, and fun. Your best friend is romantic, gentle, and kind. Your partner is reserved, shy, and traditional!

Don’t freight! We have put together a focused engagement ring guide to help you on your way!

Pick A Ring That Fits Her Style

Is she classy? Choose a solitaire

Is she refined? Choose a pavé

Is she modern? Choose a channel set

Is she bold? Choose a side stone

Is she traditional? Choose a three-stone

Is she artsy? Choose a tension ring

Is she extroverted? Choose a halo

Is she romantic? Choose a vintage ring.

Three of the most important steps to tackle are choosing your diamond, setting, and the completion of your ring. 

This can be difficult as there are some many options to consider. Let’s start here.

The anatomy of an engagement ring: Sounds simple enough; however, each of the following parts of the ring can be customized to your liking.

The Ring Has Two Main Parts: The setting and the center stone

The center stone is placed on the top of the ring and is mounted in the setting. The setting is the rest of the ring including the filigree accents, side stones, engagement ring engraving, and other work along the band.

You can break the ring down even further to include the head, which encompasses the stone, side stones, and the prongs where the central stone sits. And the second part, known as the shank or band itself.

Each component can be designed as you see fit, right down to the band itself. You can choose how many prongs you would like in the setting and even style the shank. Do you want traditional, Euro-style or a criss-cross? Have fun deciding what your bride will love!

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes as well. Click here to discover the perfect cut for the engagement ring of “her” dreams!

Shank or Band 

Personalizing your engagement ring is a trying process! But we are not finished yet! After you have decided on a setting and stone, you will need a band to mount it all too! And yes, the shank can be personalized as well. You can add accent gems and embellishments to it.

For the shank, the ring can be round or traditional with more weight on the base, Euro-style, or even elevated at the top or “cathedral style.”

You can choose



Reverse tapered





Side Gemstones

Side gems are an excellent addition as they offer an economical way to add a bit more sparkle to the ring. If you choose a side stone within one color grade of the center stone, you can save a few bucks too!

Here are a few of the side gem cuts offered

Step cut straight baguettes

Tapered baguettes

Straight baguette step cut


Half Moons

Step cut bullets

Kite shapes

Conical bullets

Accent stones

Another option for the shank is to add accent stones. These stones are placed along the band, and some are packed tighter together than others such as the pavé, channel, surface, and shared prong. Others like the bezel, bar, and gypsy flush, are separated by metal and set further apart.


Lastly, you may want to consider embellishing your ring. Engraving, adding a filigree, piercing it and even adding a surprise diamond on the shank, are all fabulous ideas to add that individual uniqueness that will set your engagement ring apart from all of the others.

With all of the information you have to consider, Bulow Jewelers is committed to guiding you through the entire customization process seamlessly. We are committed to providing you with quality service and fair prices while offering one of the most remarkable selections of customizable engagement rings in the Denver area.

While an appointment is not required, we are in high demand and encourage you to call ahead of time to assure you have our utmost attention during this significant time in your life.

Let’s take this journey together. Call today.

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