Matching Your Engagement Ring To Your Lifestyle

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a difficult journey. There are many factors to consider when choosing your ring including color, cut, setting, and most importantly your lifestyle. Your personal style and everyday life are important aspects to consider when choosing a ring. A ring may be beautiful but if its design will not fit seamlessly into your life than it may be best to consider another ring or at least a different setting. With so many options in the wedding ring industry and so many talented ring designers finding the perfect ring will be easy, just remember to take these lifestyle factors into consideration.

Professional Wear and Tear

Some professions can cause high amounts of wear and tear on high profile engagement rings. Jobs that require working with your hands such as, factory work, mechanics, chefs, EMS, or machinist, could have the potential the catch on objects and damage easily. For these professions it’s best to choose a low profile ring made from a sturdier metal. Those who live more extreme lifestyles may also want to choose a sturdier metal. Fitness buffs, sports enthusiasts, and farmers alike may all wish to choose a durable ring with a low profile. 


Safety can be another lifestyle factor to play a large roll in choosing a ring. Those with small children around, physicians, athletes, and similar may want to choose a ring with a smooth design. You wouldn’t want to accidentally scratch or cut someone with a sharp design or ring with a stone that sits on a higher profile. The safety of yourself and those around you should be taken into account when choosing your perfect ring


If you do work in a profession that finds your hands dirty often like baking, mechanics, gardening, or construction its important to find a ring that can be easily cleaned after your day of hard work. It’s best to avoid any intricate designs, engravings, or milgrain that grime and dirt can build up in. Metals like white gold if cleaned often will need to have its rhodium plating reapplied and any non-diamond gems may have special cleaning instructions different than that of a diamond ring. Many stones don’t tolerate heat or ultrasonic cleaning and its important to find out if your ring contains any of these so you don’t risk damaging your beautiful ring

Personal Style 

Perhaps the biggest aspect to consider is when choosing your ring is your own personal style. If you prefer to live a more traditional lifestyle a vintage style ring with a traditional setting might fit your style more. A modern lifestyle might call for a high profile ring with more sparkle and a solitaire tear drop diamond. Your personal taste and style should play a large roll in determining your perfect ring. No matter your personal taste its important to make sure your ring expresses your personal taste. 

Finding the perfect engagement ring is an exciting adventure to be on. When it comes to choosing yours be sure to look beyond just color, cut, and a flawless diamond. Bulow Jewelers can help with every step of the engagement ring process and find you the perfect ring to fit your lifestyle. 

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