Denver’s Top Custom Ring Jewelers

Looking for the perfect engagement ring for that special someone? Have you ever thought about a custom designed ring? Bulow Jewelers is the top custom engagement ring jeweler in the Denver, Colorado area! We offer a large variety of high-quality materials and designs to make each ring truly yours and one-of-a-kind. There is no better way to propose than to give your special someone a ring that’s designed perfectly for them and fits them like no other!

Why choose a custom ring? Why go through all the extra work and hassle? There are many benefits to having a custom ring designed for your significant other. The most obvious is possibly the sentiment of the custom ring. They will know that every detail was hand chosen for them with all the love in your heart. It also offers an opportunity to add any symbolism or special touches to the ring to remind your love of yourself or a special occasion in your relationship. You could choose a non-traditional stone in their favorite color or the color of the birthstone. Common trends include minimalist bands, colored stones, vintage style settings, cluster settings and pear shaped settings. Choosing just the right style and setting for your love will make it that much more meaningful. 

From a more technical standpoint custom rings offer a wonderful option for those looking to stay with in a budget. You can let the professionals helping you know what your exact budget is and you have complete control over design and cost. You also gain complete control over the quality of the ring. Designing your own ring gives you the option to choose the materials in which it is made from allowing for much higher quality of a ring. You decide diamond or sapphire, white gold or rose gold, the possibilities are endless. Custom rings can be some of the highest quality rings on the market. 

With all the rings out there on the market today it can be hard to choose the perfect ring for your perfect someone, but a custom engagement ring gives you the opportunity to design your partners dream ring without having to search every jeweler and website. There are so many styles and companies today that it can make the task daunting and overwhelming. Finding the perfect ring should be an exciting time in your life not something to fear. Bulow Jewelers offers a friendly staff and professional custom engagement ring service. 

Our process is simple and easy; it starts with calling or stopping in to set up a free customization with one of our professional jewelers. When you come in for your consultation bring in any ideas and designs you like and our professionals will help you pick out the perfect design for you. Any ideas our helpful, feel free to bring in pictures of friends rings or printouts from the internet, whatever you like for inspiration! 

They then will help you choose just the right metals and stones for the ring. We will help you work through the four C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. We pride ourselves on our ethically sourced diamonds and provide a custom GIA report for every single diamond we sell. Whether it is a diamond or other stone you choose for your ring we will be sure to provide only the best at Bulow Jewelers. Our professionals are patient and helpful no matter the design you choose. 

At Bulow Jewelers we offer a unique option where we will render a mold or 3-D computer design of the ring for you to view and approve before the ring is made. You can view the mold in store or computer design by email to approve the details of the ring and be 100% positive the ring will be perfect for your future love. With your final approval the work will start on the ring. It takes 2-4 weeks for custom pieces of jewelry. Upon completion we will call you for pick-up.

At Bulow Jewelers we take a strong sense of pride in all of our work but especially in our custom rings for your special day. We work hard to be the best in the Denver area and provide top of line rings and affordable prices. Bulow Jewelers is a family-owned business and was built on family values, that’s why we want to be a part of helping you start yours!

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