2018 Engagement Ring Trends

Every year a new set of engagement rings are trending. While simple solitaries and vintage-inspired rings are always favorite contenders, there is always a unique style blossoming.

Following, are the top, trending designs of 2018 every bride will be eager to get her hands on. 

Cushion Cut Center Stones

While round cut stones have been the most desired shape, cushion cut stones are sneaking their way into the hearts of all bride-to-be’s. This stunning style falls between a round and princess cut while offering a classic look that will survive the ages.

Colored Gems 

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend-especially when it comes to engagement rings. However, colored gemstones are climbing the ranks of popularity. Each color offers a unique touch that cradles significant meaning to those who wear it. Whether you choose a colored gem as a center stone or accent, it’s the perfect sentimental piece to make any bride’s finger pop!

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings signify the past, present, and future. The center stone is flanked by two larger or smaller stones to add dimension and sparkle. This multi-stone option lets you customize your ring, choosing from several stone options such as ethically sourced or lab-grown diamonds and gems.

Hidden Halo

Halos are a classic choice. However, hidden halos offer a dazzling view of your engagement ring from all angles. Halo designs hug the underside of the center stone extending the allusion of a fuller appearance. It’s modern, yet delicate take is a favorite among solitaire and vintage style rings.

Stackable Rings

Stackable engagement rings were in last year and are holding steady in 2018. Each stackable ring is customizable and perfect for every fashionista fiancee who enjoys changing her look daily. Brides enjoy stacking different bands that represent different milestones in their lives, so it’s the perfect thing to bring to the table.

Twisted Bands

Twisted bands are ornate. These organic rings are reminiscent of vines which trace back to when you first fell in love and are not over-the-top. If you choose a simple engagement ring, consider adding a twisted band for an extra pop.

Asymmetrical Designs 

If your leading lady is looking to make a statement, an asymmetrical ring design may be your best bet. This non-traditional style has a traditional flair as it usually incorporates familiar elements into the setting.

No one knows your bride-to-be as you do but the experts here at Bulow Jewelers will help you customize your engagement ring and make your special day one to remember.

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